Still fighting the punk rock war, GOLDBLADE were formed in 1996 by ex-Membranes front man John Robb. Maintaining the swagger and sharp edge, Goldblade have incessantly toured the world on the back of their last album, ‘Rebel Songs’; their best selling album yet.
Packed full of anthems and released on Captain Oi! Records, ‘Rebel Songs’ has been a big album on the punk scene right across the globe. In the last 12 months Goldblade have been tearing it up at huge festivals across the planet and on big punk tours. Their sweatshod adrenalised live show has built them a powerhouse reputation on the international punk rock circuit. In a blur of sharp threads, fierce quiffs and phat shoes, Goldblade have taken the maxim that rock ‘n’ roll is a physical thing to its Olympian limits. This is truly a revolution of everyday life! Punk rockers in the dancehall! ‘Rebel Songs’ was inspired by the ugly politic of our times. Songs were written on anti-Iraq war demos, missives from the frontline of mediaeval Britain; it’s a re-affirmation of punk rock’s political roots, a loud shout back at the vile corporate world, a celebration of the rebel song and a set of stirring rabble rousing anthems to dance and sing along to. Every song is an anthem. Proof that punk rock still has meaning in 2006. Lyrically it’s a brilliant skewiff vision of the world, Captain Beefheart twisted surrealism mixes easily with northern humour and punk rock anger.
Goldblade have written a populist album that will sit in alongside both Green Day and Rancid, they have shared the stage with Buzzcocks and The Offspring amongst many others, they have been compared to The Clash and give a nod to Crass – it’s got one brothel creeper firmly placed in the wild polemic of late seventies punk rock and the other in the punk rock of 2006. Goldblade are equally at home playing in the stadiums of Russia, huge festivals in Europe and any venue in the world. “This is the people’s music,” they explain mysteriously. Their audience ranges from pre-teens to gnarled punk rock veterans, Goldblade’s insane energy and punk rock celebration welcomes everyone. There are no boundaries.
Autumn 2006 saw the release of ‘Strictly Hardcore’ on Captain Oi!, a compilation of the best bits from our previous four albums. This follows front man John Robb’s best selling book ‘Punk Rock- An Oral History’ the critically acclaimed account of the punk rock explosion. 2007 began with a tour of Germany, taking in additional dates in Switzerland and Austria, ‘Rebel Songs’ was given a full release in Germany followed by further dates in Holland and France.
Goldblade appeared at the Glastonbury Festival, taking the opportunity to rekindle peoples belief in energy and showmanship. Towards the end of July 2007, Goldblade returned to the studio and recorded the forthcoming album. The year closed with some memorable shows and the promise of a very busy 2008. 1 Sept 2008 – Goldblade released their new album ‘Mutiny’ on Captain Oi! Records, the release was backed by the ‘Mutiny’ UK tour when we were supported by The Rabble. Prior to release a ltd edition picture disc 7” of ‘Jukebox Generation’ was released; download sales alone were enough for the single to enter the UK Top 75. ‘Mutiny’ was very well received, and has gone on to be our biggest selling release so far. ‘Riot! Riot!’ was lifted from the album and included on the soundtrack of the movie ‘Green Street 2’ – The DVD release of ‘Green Street’ was featured as part of a Sainsbury’s TV which resulted in ‘Riot! Riot!’ being heard on all the major UK TV channels and in the aisles of Sainsbury’s!! We also took the time to record our appearance at The Roundhouse, London for a future live DVD release. 2009 was spent promoting ‘Mutiny’ with two UK tours, a full tour of Germany and dates in France, Austria, and Switzerland. Once again KB-Records released ‘Mutiny’ in Germany, and also released ‘Riot! Riot!’ as a ltd edition 7”. 2010 began with the departure of Johny Skullknuckles allowing him to concentrate on other projects. A UK tour is set to commence late March with dates already planned for Finland, Sweden, and Germany. In addition we were approached by Kids Union Records (China) who are set to release a compilation CD ‘Beyond God & Elvis’ in Aug/September – Our first dates in China are planned to coincide with this release. Also in the pipeline will be the release of a second live DVD.

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